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POSTAL™ is making its Dreamcast debut after 25 years!

Norwich, United Kingdom – Feb 14, 2022 – POSTAL™, a classic twin-stick shooter originally released in 1997, is due for release on the Dreamcast video games console on June 2, 2022!

Retro gaming fans will be able to experience the rapid-fire action enjoyed by millions of PC gamers later this year when WAVE Game Studios releases this officially licensed port of the classic title on Dreamcast, marking the franchise’s first appearance on the console.

Twenty-five years after the game’s original release, the dream of a professional release on the classic console is finally a reality. POSTAL™ developers Running With Scissors have given their blessing for this brand new no compromises version for Dreamcast, built with love from the original source code.

For more information about POSTAL™ for Dreamcast please visit the WAVE Game Studios website or for more information about the POSTAL™ franchise please visit the Running With Scissors website.

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WAVE Game Studios are a passionate indie games publisher based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Founded in 2015 by two brothers with a lifelong passion for unique gaming experiences, their mission is to help bring great independently developed video games to a wider audience. Working closely with talented developers from all over the globe, WAVE Game Studios boast a wide range of titles spanning the whole gamut of genres, and supply a host of quality retailers across the UK and around the world.

Running with Scissors was founded in Tucson, AZ in 1996 and now operates from all across the world. The independent video game studio develops and publishes outrageous games just for the hell of it. The company’s goal is to make action-packed games that are fun, funny, and possibly even politically correct. RWS’ games feature wonderfully excessive amounts of violence, however, the company is not in favour of real-life violence and believes it’s a hell of a lot better to act out your frustrations in video games rather than against your fellow man.

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