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Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is the brainchild of legendary retro gaming YouTuber John Riggs, and is the sequel to a game which quite literally never existed.

The original was alleged to have been released back in 1989, but despite decades of searching by seasoned cyber sleuths no evidence of the Japanese platformer’s existence has ever surfaced. A modern day gaming mystery…

But one with a twist ending.

Dreamcast fans who have their fingers on the pulse may have read about it on The Dreamcast Junkyard website recently, along with speculation surrounding the history of the game, and who might be publishing it. We are happy to announce today that WAVE Game Studios will be bringing Yeah Yeah Beebiss II to the beloved console in January 2022.

As Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo, it is your quest to banish evil in all 10 levels before facing a mutated mass of pure evil – the boss to end all bosses.

This Rigg’d Games production features the graphical talents of Mega Cat Studios and Bit Ink Studios, with music from Chips ‘N Cellos.

Pre-orders are now open, and you can expect to have Beebiss in your hands very soon indeed!


WAVE are an independent video games publisher and distributor, putting indie games onto shelves and into the hands of gamers.