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Ever since the release of Intrepid Izzy in August 2021, a small but vocal subset of retro gaming fans have asked us why we don’t release Dreamcast games in original blue PAL cases.

The answer is quite simple; they are expensive, fragile, and brand new unbroken ones are becoming rarer by the day. It is our firm belief that gaming should be for everyone, so we go to great lengths to price our releases as affordably as possible. By using regular jewel cases for American, Japanese, and European versions, we can keep the cost low for all.

Nonetheless, we have heard your passionate requests loud and clear…

For a limited time only, we are making this exclusive PAL version of Intrepid Izzy available. Pre-order now, and this future collectable can be yours on March 2nd, 2022!

Intrepid Izzy: Limited Edition

Only 25 copies are available. Don’t delay.


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