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Driving Strikers: The first Dreamcast game with online multiplayer in over 20 years

NORWICH, JUNE 24, 2023 — WAVE Game Studios – the specialist video games publisher known for bringing new gaming experiences to retro and legacy consoles – released today Driving Strikers by developer Reality Jump, the first Dreamcast game to feature online multiplayer since 2002. Players can host and join matches worldwide using the Dreamcast Modem or Broadband Adapter!

Driving Strikers is a game of firsts, firmly dedicated to the Dreamcast community who have contributed their time and open-sourced their code to make this possible. We are honoured to publish not only the first Dreamcast game to feature online multiplayer since 2002, but also the first in two decades to feature both anamorphic widescreen support and 3D positional audio. And for the more technically inclined, the first Dreamcast game ever to use SSL for secure user authentication.

Driving Strikers releases for the Dreamcast today and is available to order now from the WAVE Game Studios website. The native Windows and Linux version is available from Steam.

Dreamcast is a registered trademark of SEGA Corporation. Driving Strikers is not officially licensed, approved or endorsed by SEGA Corporation or its affiliates.

About WAVE
WAVE Game Studios are a video games publisher based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Founded in 2015 by two brothers with a lifelong passion for unique gaming experiences, WAVE’s mission is to help bring great independently developed video games to a wider audience. Working closely with talented developers from all over the globe, WAVE Game Studios boast a wide range of titles spanning the whole gamut of genres, and supply a host of quality retailers across the UK and around the world.

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WAVE Game Studios

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