Shadow Gangs: Digital Edition


Digital Edition for Sega Dreamcast
Includes CDI + PDF Manual
Compatible with GDEMU

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Your family have been kidnapped! You must destroy the rogue ninjas and establish a powerful new Ninja Order to save the world. You must put an end to the SHADOW GANGS.
They have left you with no choice…

Use your ninja transformation ability and your special powers. Venture over 10 levels, defeat the 6 bosses, save your family and defeat the Shadow Gangs. Live The Legend Of Dan The Crimson Ninja!

For thousands of years, war has raged across the planet. Days of peace came from stealth agents working in the shadows, ninjas. The Ninja Order ensured that world balance remained throughout the centuries.

With the advent of the modern era, combat robots were created by an emergent company; SHADOW FORCE. The world balance was once again threatened, and a fierce war ensued between ninjas and robots. Whilst the ninjas prevailed, it was at the expense of losing their commander.

Years later the Ninja Order was re-established, but remained fragile from years of conflict. Strange disappearances have affected their ranks, and some ninjas have even turned their blades against their own kind.

Suspicions turned toward the SHADOW GANGS, shady members of SHADOW FORCE with an unknown motive…

To silence and restrain the moves of the new Ninja Order, Master Dan’s family have been kidnapped. He must now deal with the rogue ninjas who defied him and re-establish a powerful new Ninja Order to save the world.


Region Free

This region free game is playable on Dreamcast systems from around the world, with all video modes supported including PAL, NTSC, and even VGA – all running at a rock solid 60 fps.

Made With Love

Shadow Gangs is a true love letter to the 16 bit arcades games of the 90s, from the high resolution hand drawn characters, to the gritty cityscapes, and even the soundtrack.

It’s like playing an 80s action movie.” – TheGebs24

Special Features

  • Collect powerups to defeat the Shadow Force
  • Fully hand drawn characters and backgrounds
  • Auto-save to continue where you left off
  • Fully configurable controls
  • Rockin’ soundtrack by Naim Soufiane
  • Epic boss fights

Dreamcast Benefits

  • 640 x 480 resolution at 60 fps
  • VMU support
  • Fully re-configurable controls
  • Controller and Arcade Stick supported
  • Supports PAL, NTSC, and VGA displays
  • Region free

Additional information


JKM Corp.


Region Free




Standard, Arcade Stick

Release Date

2 July 2022

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