Intrepid Izzy: Digital Edition


Digital Edition for Sega Dreamcast
Includes CDI + PDF Manual
Compatible with GDEMU

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Explore a colourful, detailed, fully hand drawn world full of ninjas, sentient fruit, talking animals, vampires, magic, and so much more with the lovable, witty and above all intrepid Izzy.

Senile Team strikes gold once again with this good old fashioned creature beating, puzzle solving, dungeon crawling platformer. Addictive retro inspired gameplay with high resolution, fully hand drawn characters and backgrounds!

Combining elements of adventure, puzzle, and classic platforming, Intrepid Izzy is the retro inspired platformer / beat ’em up Dreamcast fans have been waiting for.

Senile Team, known for previous smash hits Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally Racing, present this marriage between classic and modern gaming. 2D platforming has never looked or felt so good!

Prepare yourself for a unique experience with depth, character, replayability, and most importantly, hours of old school fun!


Region Free

This region free game is playable on Dreamcast systems from around the world, with all video modes supported including PAL, NTSC, and even VGA – all running at a rock solid 60 fps.

Intrepid Izzy Uppercut

Labour of Love

Everything from Izzy herself, to the enemies, backgrounds, and all the items were hand drawn by Senile Team’s resident artist Roel van Mastbergen. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the process of creating a boss fight!

Special Features

Collect costumes to give Izzy an assortment of abilities
Fully hand drawn characters and backgrounds
Branching dialogue system
Simple four button controls
Fully configurable controls
Original soundtrack by Ben Kurotoshiro
Non-linear progression
Huge boss fights
Good old fashioned fun

Intrepid Izzy Aztec Greece
There was a ghost, a spooky ghost

Dreamcast Features

640 x 480 resolution at 60 fps
Widescreen compatible
Fully re-configurable controls
Controller and Arcade Stick supported
Supports PAL, NTSC, and VGA displays
Supplied in CDI format
Choose from 3 beautiful artwork styles – PAL, JP, US
Region free

Additional information


Senile Team


Region Free




Standard, Arcade Stick

Release Date

10 March 2023

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