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Press Kit

Jump, punch, and slice your way through your enemies in this colourful platformer beat ’em up game for Sega Dreamcast!

Release Date

20 Aug 2021
20 Nov 2021 (Special Edition)


Senile Team
Based in Dordrecht, Netherlands


Windows PC


Founded in 2003, Senile Team are an independent video games developer based in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Those who have played the internationally renowned Beats of Rage (2003) or Rush Rush Rally Racing (2009) will already be aware of the quality gaming experiences that developer Senile Team is known for.

Their first release, Beats of Rage, is arguably one of the most popular independent beat ’em up game engines of all time, now available on over a dozen platforms, with millions of known downloads and hundreds of community-developed mods.

About Izzy

If Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and Streets of Rage had a baby, it would surely be Intrepid Izzy. Join our hero as she kicks, punches, and slices her way through a colourful, detailed world full of ninjas, sentient fruit, talking animals, vampires, magic, and so much more.

This brand new Dreamcast platformer boasts addictive retro inspired gameplay with high resolution, fully hand drawn characters and backgrounds!
Dreamcast release

WAVE Game Studios have partnered with Senile Team to release physical copies of this enchanting Dreamcast platformer, after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and the overwhelmingly positive reception to the PC version released last year via Steam.

On August 20, 2021 WAVE Game Studios released and distributed the Dreamcast version to dozens of retail stores around the world; the first time this has happened for a new Dreamcast release in almost 20 years.

Commercial response

The initial print run of 750 units sold out almost immediately, prompting a reprint just 28 days after release. The fastest known for an independently released Dreamcast title.

In response to considerable demand for both the game and the music featured therein, WAVE announced that a limited run two-disc Special Edition will be released on November 20, 2021. This version includes an audio CD with the full official soundtrack, and is available in European, North American, and Japanese cover art variants.

Box Art

Front cover and packaging images; front, back, and inside.


Screenshots from the Dreamcast version of Intrepid Izzy.

Logo Pack

High quality logos for Intrepid Izzy, Senile Team, and WAVE.

Character Art

Character art for print and web usage.

Gameplay Footage

High quality gameplay footage (H.264 format).

YouTube Gameplay

High quality gameplay footage on YouTube.