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Play as Henry The Hyperactive Flea as you master over 80 levels, meet weird characters, and discover secrets in this retro inspired platformer!

Release Date

30 Oct 2020
2 Feb 2022 (Special Edition)


Lowtek Games
Based in Dundee, Scotland



Released as the second game in WAVE Game Studios’ The Year of the Dreamcast promotion, Flea! is a truly unique game from independent developer Lowtek Games.

Founded by Alastair Low, the very cleverly named Lowtek promises to produce fun, dyslexia-friendly titles to help dyslexic players enjoy games more.

This “hard as nails” retro platformer sees you controlling Henry, a flea who can’t stop jumping. There is no rest from this fate, and he must continuously hop throughout the entire game, from start to finish. This truly unique game mechanic offers a much needed breath of fresh air to the platformer genre.

Lowtek describes Flea! as a “hardcore platformer, perfect for speed-runners.”

Originally released for the NES in 2020, this highly acclaimed platformer is now available for the Sega Dreamcast console. Featuring high quality artwork, two factory pressed discs, and a fine collection of bonus material.

That second disc contains the highly coveted original soundtrack from composer Tuï. Seven tracks of chiptune splendour can now be yours to own. Listen on your Dreamcast, car stereo, or CD player. How retro!

This new Special Edition of Flea! is coming to the Dreamcast on 2nd February 2022.

Box Art

Front cover and packaging images; front, back, and inside.


Screenshots from the Dreamcast version of Flea!

Logo Pack

High quality logos for Flea!, Lowtek Games, and WAVE.