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It was a simple mission: Investigate an unidentified distress signal from a cruiser-class ship orbiting a barren planet in the Rigel system. Ikalo Pann, the Captain of the Star Leviathan, navigated through the debris surrounding the derelict ship until it was within scanner range. A scan of the ship pinged with no purchase for organics, life support systems were still functional, but losing power.

With no signs of life coming from the vessel, they feared the worst but proceeded to dock with the airlock and climb aboard. Upon entering the main deck, they noticed the warped sound of a klaxon going off, echoing down the halls. Ikalo signalled to her crew to follow her further into the ship towards the living quarters.

As they entered the next room, the warning alarm suddenly stopped and the doors behind them shut tight, followed by the grinding gears of a locking mechanism.

The display on a monitor in the middle of the room came to life, a cursor pulsed rhythmically, illuminating the Captain’s surroundings with a soft neon green glow. Suddenly, a pattern of lights animated on the monitor, and as they came to rest, a puzzle appeared over the on-screen grid. It was clear that this was all tied to the ship. They had fallen into a trap! There was only one hope – solve the puzzles to bypass the locks… and as the power continued to drain from what little remained of the backup power and life support systems, it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to their fate…


Story, Code, Puzzle and Game Design by Bryan Taylor
Art, Story, Dialog and Game Design by Tom Lockwood
Music by Tronimal
Play Testers: Brandon Hudson, Ben Jelter
Special Thanks: Salt & Pixel, Tronimal, Our Friends and Family, Players like you!
Cartridge Production by Bitmap Soft © 2022
Box Art and Manual by Tom Lockwood
Box Produced by Darren Doyle
Project Lead: Jamie Battison

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